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Thriller, Suspense, Technology, Murder  

In 1916 three wealthy ruthless oil barons defy the government’s anti-trust legislation, secretly join forces and create the Pinnacle Club. They were successful - keeping secret control over their precious commodity and passing down the club to their heirs with all its secrets, power, and money. Everything was running smoothly, until...

Decades later, navy engineer, Dick Powell, accidentally discovers a process that produces copious amounts of hydrogen gas almost for free. But the Club's tentacles are too deep, and they discover what Powell uncovered. Since Powell, and his discovery, are now a competitive danger to their global monopoly on energy, they plot against him. Suspecting treachery and fearing for his life, Powell leaves clues for a future generation. 

Dick's hunch and faith turned out to be on target when the right person, his grandson Sandy Powell, inherits the family farm and uncovers his grandfather's long hidden secret.  What ensues is a race against time as Sandy sorts through his grandfather's discovery while inadvertently putting himself, his girlfriend, and his trusty golden retriever in harm's way of the still stealth tentacles of the Pinnacle Club...

This tale of power, money, murder and ruthlessness is a real page turner.