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A riveting conspiracy thriller with characters you will love and others you will hate. Surprises around the corner; murder, secret codes, torture and two people falling in love. Plus, a Golden Retriever!!!


TGS I love the plot line of “The Pinnacle Club”.
Evil greedy oilmen striving to control their fortunes over decades. This plot alone leaves the reader on edge.
But the magic of this book is in the interrelationship of the key characters who love, fall in love and totally trust in each other.
The writing has pace. The story moves along. And the reader will hate the bad guys, love the good guys and be surprised by others.​

Bill Rogers, “A riveting story that had me drawn in from the start.  Drew Thorn weaves a great tale that kept me intrigued from beginning to end and still yearning for more..”


Marian Palmer, “The Pinnacle Club captivates the reader's curiosity and weaves one through decades and pivotal locations and events before the intriguing journey is exposed. Must read!!“


Former Navy SEAL, Sandy Powell discovers clues left by his grandfather, Dick Powell, which could save the environment and upend the global oil industry. A decades-old secret and illegal oil monopoly, The Pinnacle Club, conspires to stop Powell at all cost putting himself, his girlfriend, and his trusty golden retriever in harm’s way.

At the same time, the CIA and FBI uncover plots to murder government officials and global price-fixing by the Club.